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Find colt magazines for the Defender, Pocket 9, Mustang, colt 1903, Colt 38 Super and much much more. I specialize in older, hard to find Colt magazines. Please select from one of the calibers listed below. For other calibers, just scroll down.Call 972-986-8158 to order

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Click here for Colt 1911 Magazines | Colt 9mm Magazines | Colt .380 Magazines | Colt 10mm Magazines Others are listed below

Colt Defender in .40
colt factory
Price: $40.00

Colt .40 after-market blue Price: $25.00

Colt .40 after-market stainless Price: $25.00

Colt Defender in .40
holds 8 RD
by MecGar
Price: $40.00

Colt 38 Super Blue Factory Price: $40.00

Colt Cadet in 22LR
Price: $45.00

Colt Ace .22 Conversion Price: $45.00

Colt 22 short
Price: $30.00

Colt .25 Pre War Steel After Market
will NOT fit Colt JR
Price: $35.00

The listing on the left is for Colt Pistol magazines, if you were looking for rifles magazines, please follow one of these links:

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Questions? Send me an email or call 972-986-8158 Phone is answered 9am - 9pm CST.

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