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Colt 380 Magazines

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Find colt 380 magazines. I have mags for the mustang and government model well as the Colt 1908 Hammerless model.

buy colt mustang magazineColt Mustang .380 6 RD. Blue factory NEW Code: C1MUS6B Price: $30.00

buy colt mustang magazine Colt Mustang .380 6 RD. Stainless factory NEW Code: C1MUS6S Price: $35.00

buy colt mustang magazine Colt Mustang .380 6 RD.Nickel
after market
Code: C1MUS6N Price: $30.00

buy colt mustang magazine Colt Mustang .380 6 RD. Blue
after market
Code: C1MUS6BA Price: $25.00

buy extended mustang magazine Colt Mustang .380 plus one 7 RD. Blue factory NEW Code: C1MUSB Price: $45.00

buy government 380 magazineColt Govt. .380 (plus two/Pony etc) 7 RD. Nickel factory NEW Code: C1gvt380N Price: $45.00

buy high cap colt 380 magazine Mustang or Govt. .380 holds10RD

Code: C1GV3810 Price: $35.00

buy colt 1908 magazineColt 1908 .380 Hammerless steel after-market Code: C11908 Price: $35.00

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