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Witness and Baby Eagle Magazines

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Find magazines for european american arms (EAA) firearms. Also known as: TZ 75/TA 90/ Witness/ Baby Eagle/Super Titan/Targa/GT25, witness, and etc. If the magazine you need is not listed below, please try searching for it or check out my American Arms listing.
Please note that the compact mags listed will not fit in polymer frame guns

Call 972-986-8158 to order.

EAA Witness 9mm Magazines:

EAA 9mm
Steel frame only
holds 16 RD
Price: $38.00

EAA 9mm Compact 10 RD Steel frame gun only Price: $35.00

TZ 75 Compact 9mm
holds 13RD new factory
Price: $35.00

EAA 9mm Full Size holds 10RD
Fits: TZ75/ TA90
Price: $25.00

EAA 9mm 10RD Price: $35.00

EAA 40 Magazines:

TZ 75 - Baby Eagle 40/41 Compact
holds 12RD new factory
Price: $35.00

EAA .40 cal. 12 RD Price: $45.00

EAA .40 cal. Compact
For steel framed guns only
Holds 10 RD
Price: $22.00

Other EAA Mags:

EAA Excam Super Titan .32
12 RD Double Stack
Price: $50.00

EAA Excam Super Titan 380
11 RD Double Stack
Price: $50.00

EAA Excam Titan Targa FIE GT25 .25
Blue or Stainless
Price: $30.00

EAA 9mm Compact 12 RD for Steel frames only Price: $45.00

Witness 38 Super 10RD Price: $35.00

Witness 38 Super 17RD Price: $45.00

EAA Witness .45 8 RD Price: $45.00

EAA Witness .45 10RD Price: $45.00

EAA Excam, Tanfaglio, GT380 Single Stack Price: $30.00

Titan II 380 Single Stack Price: $30.00

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