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Find Heckler and Koch USP magazines and USP Compact magazines.

Choose your caliber: USP 45 Magazines | USP 9mm Magazines | USP 40 Magazines
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USP .45 Magazines
buy usp 45 magazineUSP .45 Full Size Finger Rest 12RD Factory New Formerly Restricted Code: H3U45FR Price: $60.00
buy usp compact 45 magazine USP .45 Compact holds 8RD Code: H3U45CFR Price: $45.00

USP 9mm Magazines
buy USP 9mm magazine USP 9mm C/2000
holds 13 RD
Code: H3U913 Price: $45.00

buy USP 9mm magazineUSP 9mm 10 RD (full size) Code: H3U910 Price: $26.00

buy USP 9mm magazine USP 9mm Full Size
Holds 15RD
w/finger rest
Code: H3U915 Price: $45.00

buy 9 compact magazine

H&K USP 9mm Compact
Holds 10 RD
w/finger rest

Code: H3U9CFR Price: $45.00

buy 9 compact magazine

H&K USP 9mm Compact
Holds 10 RD
flat bottom

Code: H3U9C Price: $45.00

buy usp 9mm compact magazine

USP 9mm 13RD Compact
Finger Rest
NEW Factory
Formerly restricted

Code: H3U9CFRN Price: $45.00

USP 40 Magazines
buy 40 usp magazine H&K USP .40 13 RD
full size
clean used factory
Code: H3U4013CFR Price: $45.00

buy 40 usp magazineH&K USP .40 10 RD
full size
clean used factory
Code: H3U4010 Price: $40.00

USP 40 Compact
buy 40 compact magazineH&K USP .40 10 RD Compact
with finger rest
Code: H3U4010CFR Price: $40.00

buy 40 compact magazine H&K USP .40 10 RD Compact
no finger rest
Code: H3U4010C Price: $40.00

buy usp 40 compact magazineH&K USP .40 12RD Compact
factory formerly restricted NEW
Code: H3U40CFR Price: $45.00

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