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High Standard Magazines

Find High standard magazine for Victor models in 22 short caliber. These are the only High Standards magazines we sell online or by mail order due to the fact it is very hard to find the correct mag for them . We recommend you take your High Standard 22 LR pistol to a local gun show and try to fit one to it there. Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thanks.

High Standard Victor in 22 short
Clean used Factory
Price: 85.00

High Standard HD Military in 22 short
New in the wrap, Factory
Original High Standard paperwork
Price: 140.00

High Standard HD Military in 22 short
Pinned to hold 5 rounds
Competition magazine
Price: 120.00

Questions? Send me an email or call 972-986-8158 Phone is answered 9am - 9pm CST.

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