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Llama Magazines

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Find Llama magazines for the Llama Mini Max, Micro Max, Llama Especial and others.To begin, please choose your caliber of Llama mag:
Llama 45 Magazines or Llama 380 Magazines or Llama 38 Super Magazines
For other calibers, just scroll down.
Thanks for stopping by!

buy llama 1911 magazine Llama 1911 style
9mm, single stack
Code: LL19119 Price: $45.00

Llama 82 15RD 9mm Code: LL82 Price: $45.00


Llama Max II 9mm double stack 10RD Code: LLMXII9 Price: $45.00

Llama Executive 22 Short
Steel After-Market
Code: LLEX22 Price: $30.00

Llama 32 old model Factory
Have narrow bottoms
See note below
Code: LL32NAR Price: $45.00

buy llama xii magazine Llama XA -IIIA in .32
holds 8RD
After Market New
Code: LL32XA Price: $36.00

Questions? Send me an email or call 972-986-8158 Phone is answered 9am - 9pm CST.

Narrow Base Plate vs Wide Base Plate

Look straight down the top of your magazine.

Look at whether the base plate extends out along sides of the mag (WIDE)

Or the base plate fits flush with the side of the mag (NARROW).


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