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Find Stoeger Luger .22 magazines and Luger magazines .Call 972-986-8158 to order the luger magazine you need. Thanks for stopping by!

buy luger magazine Stoeger Luger .22 steel after-market Code: L1922S Price: $35.00

buy luger 22 magazine Luger .22 factory
Stamped Made in Germany
Code: L122G Price: $125.00

buy luger magazine Luger 9 mm/30 cal
Blue with Wood Bottoms
Code: L19BL Price: $35.00

buy luger magazine Luger 9 mm Stainless
Wood Bottoms
Code: L19S Price: $40.00

buy luger magazine Luger 9 mm Blue
Plastic Bottoms
Code: L1P Price: $30.00

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