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Find Para Ordnance P 13, P14 and P16 mags for sale. To see a picture or to order online, please click on the BUY button to the left of the Para Ordnance magazine you need. Note, some of these are "high capacity" magazines and cannot be shipped to every state. Please check our Shipping Policy page if you are unsure if you can have hi cap mags shipped to your state. Thanks for stopping by!

Para Ordnance P-14 14RD .45 Code: PO1414 Price: $45.00

Para Ordnance P-14 10RD .45 Code: PO1410 Price: $45.00
buy p14 magazine Para Ordnance P-14 10RD .45
made by ProMag
Code: PO14XX Price: $12.00

Para Ordnance P-13
13 RD .45
Code: PO1313 Price: $45.00

buy pre ban para ordnance magazine Para Ordnance P-13 PRE BAN
13 RD .45
Code: PO1313P Price: $50.00

Para Ordnance P-16
.40 cal, 15 RD
by Mec Gar
Code: PO1616 Price: $45.00

Para Ordnance P-16
.40 cal, 10 RD
Code: PO1610 Price: $45.00

C-6 .45 6RD Nickel Code: POC6 Price: $45.00

Para Ordnance 1911 style
.45 Factory Clean Used
Holds 8 rounds
Code: PO1911U Price: $45.00

Para Ordnance P12 holds 12RD Code: PO1212 Price: $45.00

buy para ordnance finger extension Finger tip Extensions for P12 and P10 Code: POFT Price: Two for $10.00
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