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Ruger P85 Magazines

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Find Ruger magazines for the Ruger P85, P89, 93, 94 (9mm) and 95 magazine. These models all interchange. For more info or to order online, please click on the product code next to the P85 mag you need.
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buy 10RD ruger magazine P85/89 etc Factory
Holds 10 RD
Code: R4P8510B Price: $30.00

P85/89 etc Factory 15 RD New Code: R4P85FU Price: $40.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 15 RD. Blue Code: R4P8515B Price: $32.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 15 RD. Stainless Code: R4P8515S Price: $37.00

buy high cap ruger 9mm magazine P85/89 etc. by Ramline
holds 17RD
Code: R4P8517A Price: $30.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 30 RD. Blue Code: R4P8530 Price: $40.00

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