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Ruger P85 Magazines

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Find Ruger magazines for the Ruger P85, P89, 93, 94 (9mm) and 95 magazine. These models all interchange.Call 972-986-8158 to otder
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P85/89 etc Factory
Holds 10 RD
Price: $30.00

P85/89 etc Factory 15 RD New Price: $40.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 15 RD. Blue Price: $32.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 15 RD. Stainless Price: $37.00

P85/89 etc. by Ramline
holds 17RD
Price: $30.00

P85/89 etc. steel after-market 30 RD. Blue Price: $40.00

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