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Find Ruger magazines for the Ruger p90, p17 and P94.Call 972-986-8158 to order the ruger pistol mag you need.
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Click on one of these links for ruger magazines not listed below >> Ruger P85 | Ruger P89 | Ruger 93 | Ruger 94 in 9mm | Ruger P95

Ruger Mark 1 | Ruger Mark 2 | Ruger Mark 3 | Ruger 22 45

Ruger SR9
holds 17 RD.
Price: $38.00

in 40
holds 10 RD.
Price: $35.00

Ruger P90, P16-8
Factory, New
holds 8RD
.45 cal.
Price: $30.00

Ruger LC9 extended, holds 9RD
has a sleeve to make it fit flush with the grip.
factory new

Price: $38.00

Ruger LCP
in 380
holds 10 RD
by ProMag

Price: $30.00

Ruger P20-6 LCP
in 380
6RD Factory New

Price: $32.00

Ruger P345
in 45
Holds 8RD
Price: $35.00

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