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Find Springfield armory pistol magazines for sale. I have the springfield 9mm 1911 style mags and the xd5011 in 9mm and 40 caliber magazines.
If you are looking for Springfield rifle magazines, visit my Springfield rifle page
Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thank you.

Springfield XD .40 12 RD Factory Price: $30.00

Springfield XD40 Compact
Holds 10 RD clean used
Price: $25.00

Springfield XD40
Holds 13 RD
Mec Gar
Price: $42.00

Springfield XD 9mm Compact
Holds 10RD clean used
Price: $30.00

Springfield XD5016 9mm 15 RD stainless NEW factory Price: $30.00

Springfield XD45 in .45acp 13RD Factory Price: $35.00

Springfield 45 Compact
holds 10RD
Price: $35.00

Springfield XD1941 in 45GAP
9RD factory
Price: $30.00

Springfield XD in 357 Sig
12RD factory
Price: $30.00
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