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Star Firestar Magazines

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Find Star magazines and Firestar magazines for 9mm and .45 hand guns. Call 972-986-8158 to order the star pistol mag you need. Thanks for stopping by!


Star Model M in 38 Super

Price: $45.00

Star Firestar Plus 9mm
holds 13RD
Mfg for Star by Mec Gar
Price: $65.00

Star Firestar Plus in 40
holds 10RD
Mfg for Star by Mec Gar
Price: $65.00

Star Firestar .40 Factory 6 RD
also fits Star m40
Price: $50.00

Mega Star 10mm 14RD Price: $125.00

Star Firestar .45 holds 7rd
thick base plate that fits flush with grip
Price: $55.00

Star Firestar .45 holds 6rd
t fits flush with grip
Price: $55.00

Star model F in 22LR
Steel After-Market
Price: $35.00

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