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I have Walther magazines for PPK, PPKS, Walther P38, P88, Walther PPS.
First, choose your model of Walther pistol below. For other models, just scroll down. Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thank you.

Walther PPK Magazines | Walther PPKS Magazines | Walther P38/P1 Magazines

Walther SP22
Holds 10 RD

Price: $38.00

Walther P99 in 40
Holds 12 RD
Made by SW

Price: $35.00

Walther P99 in 9mm
Holds 10RD
Factory Used

Price: $30.00

Walther PP22

Price: $50.00
Walther PPS .40
factory 6RD
Price: $45.00
Walther PPS in 9mm
factory 6RD
Price: $45.00
Walther PPS in 9mm
factory 7RD
Price: $50.00
Walther TPH Magazine in 25 caliber
Price: $25.00
Walther model 1 Magazine
in 25 caliber
steel after market
Price: $35.00
Walther PK 380
Factory New
Price: $40.00
Walther 6 in 9mm
steel after market
Price: $35.00
Walther 7 in .25
steel after market
Price: $35.00
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Questions? Send me an email or call 972-986-8158 Phone is answered 9am - 9pm CST.

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