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AR-15 223 Magazine

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AR 15 by Heckler Koch
holds 30 Rounds
Price: $60.00

AR 15 Thermold
holds 30 Rounds
Price: $35.00

AR 15 Mil Spec Aluminum alloy
holds 30RD
Price: $30.00

AR 15 Colt factory 223
holds 20RD
Price: $40.00

AR 15 MWG drum 90RD, Includes loader and clips Price: $125.00

AR 15/M16 Stripper Clips
Once Used
Bundle of 20

Price: $4.00

AR 15 Issue Black Sling
Nylon. Made by Susquehanna Association for the Blind

Price: $25.00

AR 15/ M16 A2 Cleaning Kit
Dated 8-89

Price: $15.00

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