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BAR Magazines

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Find BAR magazines. The BAR is often referred to as Browning Automatic Rifle. Browning made several BAR rifles in various calibers. Thanks for stopping by!

Browning BAR in 270/30-06 Code: BAR270 Price: $45.00

Browning BAR in 280 Code: BAR280 Price: $45.00

Browning BAR in 243/308 Code: BAR243 Price: $45.00

Browning BAR in 338 Win Mag Code: BAR338 Price: $45.00

Browning BAR in 22-250 Code: BAR22250 Price: $45.00

Browning BAR MKII 270 Weatherby Code: BAR7R Price: $45.00

Browning BAR MKII in 338 Win. Mag Code: BARII338 Price: $45.00

buy browning automatice rifle mark 2 270 magazine Browning BAR MKII in 270/30-06 Code: BARMK270 Price: $45.00
buy browning automatice rifle 300 magazine Browning BAR MKII in 300 win mag Code: BAR30WM Price: $45.00
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