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M1 Carbine Magazines

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Find m1 carbine clips and magazines. I have steel after-market and USGI m1 30 carbine clips in several capacities.

Call 972-986-8158 to order the carbine magazine you need. Thanks for stopping by!

30 Carbine Post War Sling and oiler
Price: $22.00

M1 30 Carbine 5 RD
Steel After-Market
Price: $25.00

M1 30 Carbine 10 RD
Steel After-Market
Price: $28.00

M1 30 Carbine USGI
15 RD Un issued, New
Price: $30.00

M1 30 Carbine New
Singapore/South Korean Issue
Holds 15RD
Price: $22.00

M1 30 Carbine 30RD Asian Military
Singapore Police Contract - Excellent
Price: $30.00

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