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Find marlin rifle magazines. I have mags for the Marlin Camp 9, Papoose, #70, 30 carbine and the very rare #25. Marlin has redesigned a 7 shot mag to fit numerous Marlin and Marlin built rifles.
Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thank you.

Marlin Camp 9
holds 30 RD.
steel After-Market
Price: $35.00

Marlin 30 Carbine/256 Magnum Price: $85.00

Marlin 22 magnum or 17 Hornady Mag 7 shot Factory

Fits: Marlin Models 882SS, 982S, 882, 982, 25MN, 925M, 782, 25M, 980, 17V, 917V, 17VS, 917VS

Price: $25.00

Marlin 22LR - Semi auto - 7 shot - Factory

Fits Marlin Models 70PSS, 70L with last-shot open feature

and Marlin Models 880SS, 25N, 70, 70P, 70HC, 880, 995

Price: $24.00

Marlin 22LR Multi Models Blue Steel Factory 7rd


Marlin models 25N, 925, 25NC, 980S, 925C, 880SQ, 980V, 70, 70P(Papoose), 70HC, 880, 995, 989, 989M2

Glenfield 989G, Glenfield 70

Coast to Coast models 40 and 440

Westpoint model 701

Big J model 700

Montgomery Ward model 45

Price: $24.00

Marlin Bolt Action and Post 1988 Self Loaders
holds 10RD
Price: $30.00
Marlin 882 Bolt Action
22 mag/17hmr
4RD factory
Price: $25.00
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