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Clips and magazines for Mossberg rifles. I carry mags for Mossberg 22 rifles and the Mossberg 44 CMP rifle. The mags for Mossberg models 250, 340 and 350 all interchange. The Mossberg series 140 and 150 interchange as well. Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thank you.

Mossberg 640 series in 22 Magnum Price: $35.00

Mossberg 140 to 150 series
Holds 10 RD
steel after-market
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 250/340/350 series 10 RD steel after-market Price: $35.00

Mossberg 702 Plinkster 10RD factory
semi auto
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 802 Plinkster 10RD factory
bolt action
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 817 in .17HMR
5RD factory
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 30-06 Factory Clean used
Also fits Smith Wesson 1500
and Howe 30-06
Price: $135.00

Mossberg 4x4 bolt action
in 25-06,270, 30-06
Price: $75.00
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