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Clips and magazines for Mossberg rifles. I carry mags for Mossberg 22 rifles. The mags for Mossberg models, 340 and 350 all interchange. The Mossberg series 140 and 150 interchange as well. Call 972-986-8158 to order. Thank you.

Mossberg 640 series in 22 Magnum Price: $35.00

Mossberg 140 to 150 series
Holds 10 RD
steel after-market
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 250/340/350 series 10 RD steel after-market Price: $35.00

Mossberg 702 Plinkster 10RD factory
semi auto
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 802 Plinkster 10RD factory
bolt action
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 817 in .17HMR
5RD factory
Price: $35.00

Mossberg 30-06 Factory Clean used
Also fits Smith Wesson 1500
and Howe 30-06
Price: $135.00

Mossberg 4x4 bolt action
in 25-06,270, 30-06
Price: $75.00
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