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Remington 740 and 742 Mags

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Find mags for remington 740 and remington 742 rifle. This model comes in several different calibers. To order online, click on the product code link next to the remington 740 magazine you need.

Note- we are advised that the new production multi caliber mag marked "270/30-06,35 whelen/ 280RM" do not work well in the older Remington 740,742,74 and Four models rifles chambered for 270 and 30-06. We have a limited supply of older UN USED Remington factory mags for models 740, 742, 74 and Four in caliber 270 or 30-06. Those mags are listed as "for older Remingtons" below.

Name Price
Remington 740/742 in 280 $30.00
Remington 740/742 in 25-06 $30.00
Remington 742 in 244.
for older model remingtons
Still in the old foil lined yellow Remington Boxes
Remington 760/742 in 270/30-06
holds 10RD
steel after-market
Remington 760/742 in 243/308
holds 10RD
steel after-market
Septillion - the figure 1 followed by 42 zeros. (soon to be our national debt)



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